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Bring Your Custom Profit Hub To Life

Get Started Right Away With the Basics

Get a running start by completing the basic tutorial and exercises below

To get the most out of your Profit System it is important to master these simple skills below

1. Create A Page

You Website has 2 main content styles. Pages and Posts. Let's create a Page.

2. Templates

Don't reinvent the wheel, use professionally designed templates promote your brand.

3. Working With Text

You can't have a call to Action without typing on your page. 

4. Working With Images

They say an image is worth a thousand words. 

5. Working With Videos

Video is King when it comes to content and engagement

6. Working With Colors

The right color can make or break how well your page performs

7. Working With Buttons

Build and Edit call to action buttons for lead capture and sales

8. Adding banners to pages, blogs and sidebar

Learn to add banners wherever you want on your website

9. Change Home Page to Store Page or any other page

Your current home page can be a store page, your latest blog, or blog roll



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